LoRa WAN Gateway

  • Multichannel LoRaWAN®
  • LTE, GPS, GPRS, WiFi Ethernet connectivity
  • Aluminium housing resistant to all weather conditions

Multichannel LoRaWAN® outdoor gateway with ARM A7 processor, and harsh environment resistant aluminium enclosure. It also has an emergency superCAP backup supply. For professional LoRaWAN® network applications and industrial control systems.


ALWG-1638 application cases


  • Smart City and Industry LoRa WAN applications
  • Smart Street Light, Energy meters, water meters and other  meter applications

Built-in LNS server

The gateway supports a number of servers such as open-source LoRaWAN Server Gotthardp, ChirpStack and others. It also has a built-in LNA ChirpStack. Also includes built-in Node-RED to be able to perform user-required functions through edge computing. It has a built-in web server with huge configuration options.

ALWG-1638 website apps

ALWG-1638 connectors

Uninterrupted communication

The gateway for communication with the server has Ethernet as well as the ability to mount 2 SIM cards, thus ensuring uninterrupted connection to the server. Also to send this information to the server in case of power failure it includes a half-minute backup on supercapacitors.

CPU4 Core ARM Cortex-A7 processor
Storage8GB eMMC
LoRa WANLoRaWAN® Class A/B/C, 8 x 8 channels LoRa packet detectors
LoRa WAN RFTX power up to 27 dBm, RX sensitivity down to -139 dBm
Mobile - cellularLTE, GSM
SIM2 x nanoSIM
Antenna connector1 x N-type for LoRa
AntennaHigh gain fiber antenna for LoRa
Cellular, GNSS, WiFi antennas within enclosure
Ethernet1 x 10/100 with IP67 connector
WiFiIEEE 802.11b/g/n
Other interfaces1 x USB for debug (type-C) for debug
Status indicatorsSuperCAP backup for last message and clean shutdown
Power17-60V DC by isolated PoE
Power backupSuperCAP backup for last message
Operating temperature-25°C to 75°C
HousingIP67 aluminium housing resistant to all weather conditions
Dimensions (W x H x D)220 x 122 x 70mm (without antenna and clamp)
Weight920g (without antenna and clamp)

Operating systemOpenWRT Linux with LoRaWAN® forwarder and ChirpStack LNS
VPN and tunnelingOpenVPN and other VPN providers
Cloud solutionsLoRaWAN® compatible servers

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Model SelectionLoRa frequency/countryCellular  
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