Modbus RTU gateway
with LTE and GSM

  • Read and write to modbus registers via LTE and GSM
  • Isolated RS485 and digital inputs with SMS alerts
  • Internal website for configuration

Industrial gateway for remote control and data acquisition over Modbus RTU. It can read or write data to Modbus registers. Gateway is working on LTE and GSM network and supports two-way communication. In addition Gateway has 2 opto-isolated digital inputs with SMS alert support. SC versions with supercap have the ability to send an alert to the server and SMS text message about power failure. DIN rail mounting and metal housing are ideal for industrial applications.




  • Data acquisition from any Modbus RTU device - parameter measurement, energy meters, consumption measurements, PLC
  • Remote control of any device like: PLC's, remote pumping system, irrigation equipment, agricultural controls etc.

Integration with server

Easy integration with your cloud system or any server application because it provides API. Therefore, you can easily and quickly config the server to support the AG-801

The AG-801 has advance alert option with 10 mobile number list for SMS alerts. In superCap models there is power backup with power loss alert facility

CPUARM Cortex-M4
CellularLTE, GPRS
Antenna Connectors1 x SMA for mobile
Ethernet1 x 10/100 Ethernet port
Serial1 x opto-isolated RS485
Input/output2 x opto-isolated digital Inputs
Status Indicators4 x signal strength, 2 x RS/TX, 2 x digital inputs, 1 x activity, 1 x power
Power8-36V DC with reverse polarity protection, PoE (spare pair)
Power backupSuperCAP backup for last message (depend on product variant)
Operating temperature-25°C to 75°C
HousingAluminium housing with DIN rail mounting option
Dimensions88mm x 87mm x 35mm

Operating systemEmbedded System
Network protocolsTCP, IPv4, ICMP, NTP, DNS, HTTP, ARP, JSON, SSLv3, TLS 1.2
SMS FunctionsConfiguration, input alerts, device status, restart
Configurationby internal website, by SMS, commands from server, file from server
(depend on product variant)
Configuration backupConfiguration backup save and load from internal website
ModbusRTU master, RTU gateway, Modbus to JSON, custom TCP/IP to Modbus
Access securityInternal website password, mobile number access list

This gateway has been upgraded to the newer AG-821 version. The functionality has remained the same. Go to AG-821