RS232 Gateway with data
logger and LTE / GSM

  • LTE, GSM communication with GNSS
  • USB pendrive data logger
  • Opto-isolated RS232 interface

Gateway dedicated to work with central controlling and monitoring systems. It directly send data from serial interface RS232 via LTE/GSM or Ethernet to the server. Gateway has isolated RS232 interface to communicate with weight scales, energy meters, sensors and any other RS232 devices. It also has an additional data logger function. It uses a USB flash drive for this purpose. In case of communication failure with the server, the gateway keeps a log on a flash drive and sends this data to the server when communication is regained. Can be configured by: internal website, SMS, string from server and configuration file loaded in predefined URL. For accurate time and location it has GPS and RTC.




  • Machines and PLC monitoring, weigh scale monitoring
  • Sensor monitoring and data logging

CPUARM Cortex-M4
Antenna Connectors1 x SMA for mobile
Ethernet1 x 10/100 Ethernet port
SerialIsolated RS232
Input/output2 x isolated digital inputs
Status Indicators4 x signal strength, 2 x RS/TX, 2 x digital inputs, 1 x activity, 1 x power
Power8-36V DC with reverse polarity protection
Power backupSuperCAP backup for last message (selected models only)
Operating temperature-20 °C to 75 °C
HousingAluminium housing with DIN rail mounting option
Dimensions (W x H x D)88mm x 35mm x 87mm

Operating systemEmbedded System
Network protocolsTCP,  IPv4,  ICMP, NTP, DNS, HTTP,  ARP, JSON, SSLv3, TLS 1.2
SMS FunctionsConfiguration, Inputs alerts, Output Controll, Status, Reboot
ConfigurationBy internal website, by SMS, commands from server
Configuration backupConfiguration backup save and load from internal website
SerialRS232 to JSON
Access securityInternal website password, Mobile number access list

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Model SelectionCellular NetworkSuper cap backup  
AG-822-LT Enquiry 
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