3 phase 20W power supply
with phase selector output

  • Wide input voltage from 85V to 440V
  • 3 phase, 2 phase or single phase
  • 12/24V DC 20W output
  • Short circuit and over Voltage protection

The APS-20W-O is power supply dedicated to use in application that need continue power source for IoT, Industrial controls, gateways, electrical panel controls etc. Work with single phase to 3 phase connection make ideal for critical control equipment. This model has extra power 230V phase selector output for powering 230V devices like energy meters etc. 
The APS-20W-O is available with 5V, 12V and 24V DC.

3ph supply-ACsupply-AC515smart-city

Power input85V AC to 440V AC (PH to N), 85V AC to 440V AC (PH to PH)
Output Voltage5/12/24V DC (depending on the model)
Output power20W
Input protectionFuse and MOV for every phase
Over-current protection≥150% Io, self-recovery
Short circuit protectionSelf-recovery and output fuse
Voltage accuracy±5.0 %
Line regulation±1.5 %
Phase selecetor out230V single phase, 50W maximum
Status indicators1 power out, 3 x current selected phase in phase selector
Operating temperature-25 ~ 70°C
HousingIndustrial grade ABS for DIN rail mounting
Dimensions90mm x 75mm x 50mm


Phase selectorSingle phase output selector for powering additional devices such as power meters

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