Dustbin sensor
for waste management system

  • Garbage level detection by ultrasonic technology
  • Thermal alert and vibration detection alert
  • Extended battery life

AWMS-DBS12: A waste management system is an effective way to reduce the cost of waste level identification from garbage bin, based on IoT. The sensor detects the filling level of the trash cans and sends the data to the server, which helps to refuse the route for the collection vehicle in case low level of garbage bin. The waste management system helps to optimize time and reduce costs. AWMS-DBS12 detects garbage in the specified intervals and sends data to the server. Instant high temperature and vibration alerts helps protect the sensor from burnout and theft.



  • Garbage bins in places such as parks, squares, promenades
  • Housing estate rubbish bins, city and housing rubbish bins
Principle of operationUltrasonic measurement system
Detection range10cm to 2.5m
Communication interfaceGPRS by cellular network
Data to server protocolJSON
SensorsTemperature sensor, vibration sensor
IndicatorsMulti-colour LED indicator
Power supplyNon rechargeable lithium battery
Battery lifeApprox. 5 year (considering 3 communication per day with server)
Operating temperature-10 °C to 75 °C
Mounting typeOn top of the garbage can
Dimensions140mm diameter
Configuration parametersServer, mobile network config, pooling etc.
AlertsVibration, temperature, low battery

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