2 Digit Parking Vacancy Display

  • 1 to 3 digit display
  • Number and animated arrow
  • Multicolour for clear indication

The APDIS-1M/L is display provided to multiuser parking for indicating number of free parking spaces and direction to them. APDIS-1M/L is the part of parking management system and can be controlled by central command from computer through wired data interface. Display has multicolour display capability to make indication more clear to the driver when he is searching for parking place. Animated arrow displayed on the display are more clear visible than static signs.

Display area size192 x 192 mm
Resolution32 x 32 pixels
ControllerInbuilt in display
Power supply230V AC /10-36V DC


Display numerUp to 5 digit
ArrowLeft, right, up, down with animations
BrightnesRemotly configurable

This product has been discontinued. In its place, we propose a newer, improved display APDIS-1S

  • Online documentation
    The documentation page provides detailed product specifications and complete instructions for use. Please read it before using the product.