Single source LED Traffic Signal 300mm

  • Single source of light High Flux LED
  • Failure detection
  • Brightness setting

The ATL-30-xx is traffic signal light. There is high brightness with High Flux LED source, with 300mm diameter of Fresnel lens. We provide all variant of arrow signs and can supply customised design. The lamps have a detection system if the light source is working properly.

Light sourceHigh Flux LED
Colour acc. to (EN12368)Green – Wavelength 498-507 nm, red – wavelength 618-630 nm, Yellow – Wavelength 587-595 nm
Uniformity of LuminanceBetter than 1: 2.5
Central light insensitivity> 400cd (EN12368)
Brightness settingDeeming possible by PWM signal from ATCS, or RS485*
Power supply24 or 230V*
EnclosureUV-stabilized polycarbonate or ABS*
Rated power6-10W*
Environmental specificationsOperating temperature: -10 to +70°C, humidity: 5% to 95% RH, sealing IP65*

* Depending on the model variant

Failure detectionFeedback on the operation of the lamp by opne collector out or RS485
Brightness controlPWM or RS485 control system

The values shown are nominal for the ATL-30 product. Atreyo design and manufacture variations of the Traffic Signals to comply with local in country standards. Local in country models of the ATL-30 family may exceed the stated values. Customer-specific versions are available on request. The design and model code of the signal light is available in the technical specification. Be free to Contact us

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